Dealing with Raccoons

We’ve been having trouble with Raccoons coming up on our porch lately. Because we feed our stray cat, they think that this is a good opportunity to get some free food. Not only is this annoying, but it could possibly be dangerous. There’s been outbreaks of rabies and salmonella across the nation, which are only a few of the diseases that racoons can get and then give to humans, not to mention that raccoons with young with them can just be outright aggressive.  If one of these raccoons were to come up on your porch and demand food, what would you do? Before we discuss what you should do, put down below what you think you should do.

Well, The correct answer is to stay inside, and if the animal has rabies or another possibly dangerous disease, call your local DNR (Department of Natural Resources) or other wildlife center, to report it and STAY INSIDE!

Preventing this from happening is something you can do right now. Some of the things you can do are:

If all of the items are complete, raccoons shouldn’t have any reason to be around, the only exception to this is if a raccoon with later stages of rabies happens to be in the area, they won’t care whether you have food or not.

Visit this link to see what diseases raccoons can give to humans!