Coyote breeding season is here

Coyotes breed from about January to March. The breeding habits that coyotes have can be quite peculiar. Changing their sleeping schedules, wandering into unknown territories, and marking unnecessarily,  just to find a mate; also, coyotes can get aggressive, to other coyotes, and humans. They stray into strange territories, as I mentioned earlier, that may mean that your chance of seeing a coyote in your backyard are increased during this time of year.

I saw a news post that said that coyotes were scaring residents in a nearby suburb by their presence. One comment suggested killing them, another said to keep everybody inside if they saw one, and to keep all pets inside. Among other comments, only one pointed out that it was breeding season, and that coyotes tend to go into residential areas, being sometimes aggressive. I was appalled at the lack of knowledge of this matter, so I decided to put a post up about this.  Here’s some things you can do to avoid all possibilities of a coyote “attack” during coyote breeding season:

  • If you see a coyote, stay away and make a detour if the coyote is on the route you were planning in taking.
  • Drive slowly at dusk and dawn to avoid hitting deer, raccoons, opossums, coyotes, and the dreaded skunk.
  • Supervise small children and animals outside. Especially if there have been reported sightings of coyotes in your area, and if you live by coyote habitats. (More on that later.)
  • Make sure you report any coyotes that seem diseased or sick, as these coyotes are even more dangerous to the public.

Coyotes are timid by nature, but can get slightly aggressive during breeding season or birthing season. Be sure to follow the tips I gave above, and stay safe during breeding season!